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Spade Anchor Review & Interview


MPR:              Marine Product Reviews is here with Evan from Spade Anchor.  Hi Evan, the Spade Anchor seems to be different than other anchors in the marketplace, can you tell us a little bit about the Spade and what makes it different?


Evan:               The Spade Anchor, first off, has been around for almost 20 years and is what a lot of people like to call one of the new generation of boat anchors. By that I mean, the past history of anchors for sailboats or powerboats were the Danforth fortress style or the Delta CQR plow style anchors. The Spade Anchor, when it came on the scene, was something new and radical and it took the boating world by storm mainly because it is the opposite of traditional plow type anchors. The Spade Anchor is what we like to call the right side up spoon where the Deltas, and the plow anchors of the world, are what we call the upside down spoon. You can't eat soup and cereal with a spoon that's upside down. The Spade Anchor, which is a concave surface, and has a patented triangular type design with a weighted nose so that 50% of the total weight of the anchor is in the tip vs. only 25% in many traditional styles. With the Spade anchor’s chisel shaped design, it allows the anchor to penetrate the sea bottom deeply when it first makes contact. Secondly, what it does is as you pull it through and have it start sinking into the sea bottom, it compresses the soil in front of it against the blade of the anchor. Once it cannot compress the soil any more, you stop, so quickly in fact that you will stop within one to one and a half times the anchor's own body length.  It's a combination of form, function, design and weight that make the anchor work effectively and correctly.


MPR:              That's impressive. It sounds like there are some very definite design advantages to the Spade Anchor. Can you take us thru these?


Evan:               Right. The Spade Anchor is the only one of what, again, they're calling the new generation of anchors, the ones with the concave surface, that actually does come apart for storage. Spade Anchors are made up of two pieces and the main reason why they come apart is so that you can take them apart for storage. The bolt that holds them together is only there so that you can take them apart. It is a mortise and tenon joint, which is a very strong mechanical joint. So, there is no stress or strain on that bolt during operation.

Other anchors are either all a single piece, and two of them also have roll bars on them. On a lot of boats, the anchors won't fit properly on the bow with that roll bar.

Another benefit of the Spade Anchor is that it is made in three materials…It is made in aluminum. It is made in hot dipped, marine grade, galvanized steel and marine grade 3/16 stainless steel.


MPR:              Anchors tend to be one of those things that can be taken for granted. But when you think about it, they are really a key safety device onboard and if you don't have a restful night on a boat, chances are it's because you're concerned about your anchor. I know that you've got some clients, who have shared some great stories about the reliability of the Spade Anchor and its ability to hold, in either very tricky areas or even its ability to hold in wind shifts of 360 degrees. Can you tell us more about this?


Evan:               Absolutely. On our website, under the testimonials page, there's quite a variety of testimonials from people who own and use Spade Anchors. From people who have been around the world, to people who sail with their families. Your anchor, and like you mentioned, is your first and last line of security in many cases. When we talk to cruisers or any boaters, they always tell us that investing in good quality ground tackle is the best form of boat insurance you can buy. You mentioned the fact that the anchor does handle wind shifts and tide changes very well, and that's partially or mainly because of its unique design. Again, it's ballasted, the triangular shape design which is patented, and because of that, as it gets pulled, let's say, if you're going in a turn or the tide changes or a wind shift, it actually pulls the anchor. It stays embedded in the sea bottom, but as it pulls, it actually digs deeper so that in a turn you will actually be even more secure than you were when you started because the anchor will have dug itself a little bit deeper.


MPR:              So, it never actually pops out of the bottom the way other anchors would in a 360 degree turn.


Evan:               That is correct. We've got proof of that, again, on our website’s testimonial page. A gentleman went through a 360 degree, or actually more than that, on the hook, down and double breasted cay in the Bahamas last February. He turned on his GPS and plotted it, and it's on our website for people to see.


MPR:              Well, that's a fantastic story and benefit. What size of anchors do you have, and what size boats are they intended for?


Evan:               Well, our smallest anchor weighs 6 pounds, and our largest anchor at this point in time weighs 165 pounds. That basically gives you a range from 18 foot all the way up to 98 feet, and from one ton all the way up to 44 tons. We handle quite an array, and a variety of boat styles, from powerboats, from center consoles up to big charter boats and Hatterases and cruisers and trawlers. And again, from your weekend sailor who goes out and likes to spend a couple nights on the hook on the weekend, to your seasoned cruisers who travel around the world.


MPR:              Where can people get Spade Anchors? Do they come to you, or do you have distributors?


Evan:             We have our website for people who don't have one of our dealers near them. We're trying to grow that network of dealers throughout the United States. Anybody that's interested who owns a marina or a ship store, who would like to become a dealer, they are more than welcome to contact us. Anybody who's looking to buy for themselves, for sure, they can see us at some of the local boat shows. We attend some of the bigger ones, like Newport, Annapolis in Miami. If they don't see us there, they can, again, visit one of our dealers, if they happen to have one in their area or they can contact me directly.


MPR:              Thanks so much for your time and for telling us about the Spade Anchor. It's definitely an product that stands out with some real inherent advantages. It there anything else people should know?


Evan:               Sure, just one last thing. I also wanted to make sure that people knew that we are the only anchor manufacturer that offers a full six month customer satisfaction guarantee. So, if they're not happy with their anchor for any reason whatsoever, they can return it and get their money back.


MPR:              That is a real vote of confidence in your own product. And I think that anybody who is buying anything really appreciates that kind of confidence that you've got.

Thanks so much again for telling us about Spade Anchors!