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Anti-Jibe 250 System Review

Marine Product Reviews just discovered the Anti-Jibe device from Sail Safe Inc. The Anti-Jibe is a unique and very easy to use anti jibe device that can be used in just about any sail boat.  If you are a sailor a story or (bad) memory of an unexpected or uncontrolled jibe.  Best case scenario it’s no fun, worst case it can be very dangerous.  I once had a traveler ripped off my 28’ Sabre and am happy that was the extent of it.  The Anti-Jibe is designed to prevent just these situations.


Anti-Jibe 250 Diagram

The Anti-Jibe 250 System has two installed boom ‘sheets’ that work very simply and easily, when sailing down wind just pull the appropriate Anti-Jibe Sheet until the slider hits the end stop (about 6 inches). Anti-Jibe Sliders are tensioned at all times taking up the slack as the boom rotates from side to side. When the Anti-Jibe 250 system is engaged and the boom will locked in its forward position. To Disengage the Anti-Jibe system simply open the rope clutch and the boom is free to move again. Using the Anti-Jibe system is just that fast and easy and can be done by any member of your crew.

Here is an over view of the the Anti-Jibe system from www.anti-jibe.com:

  • Sheets run from the sliders, parallel to the boom to a custom fair lead.
  • The sheets run down the vertical plain of the mast to a Flip Flop block, Mast Base Block or Fair lead to the Deck of the boat. (Based upon your preference)
  • From here it is up to you how you would like to run the sheets. Each sheet could be run to either side of the cockpit or both the sheets could be run to the Port or starboard side of cockpit.

Benefits of the Anti-Jibe 250 System include:

  • The Anti-Jibe is permanently installed so it’s ready anytime
  • There is nothing hanging from the boom
  • Don’t have to setup or break down every time, it’s always in place.
  • Doesn’t utilize your winches, leaving them free for their intended use
  • No adjustments or tensions to make.
  • The sheets do not go out to the chin plate or toe rail, it’s all accessible from the cockpit
  • No sheets to trip on or about the deck, it’s all right on the cabin top.
  • Clean Simple Design, sits right up against the mast and boom.

Advantages vs. other anti jibe systems:

  • The Anti-Jibe 250 System can be released under load with the Lewmar clutches.Anti-Jibe
  • Anti-Jibe 250 doesn’t lock the boom down like other preventer systems.
  • The boom has the ability to float naturally and can be limited with a boom vang.
  • Sailing downwind in stronger wind, the boom will lift when there is sufficient force generated by the wind and the sail will curl washing the wind out of the sail. Thus reducing the amount of force generated and avoiding a sudden adverse heel and the stress on the boom

The Anti-Jibe 250 has other uses:

  • Loading equipment, supplies or bigger objects off the dock with your boom, use the Anti-Jibe and Main Sheet to keep the boom in place to lift the object and if needed to go higher use the top lifter to raise to boom up to clear obstructions.
  • Man Overboard use the Anti-Jibe and Main Sheet to steady the boom to lift the crew member back on deck without getting slammed around
  • Light winds and waves, snug up the Anti-Jibe Sheet and it will keep the boom from thrashing around.
  • At the dock or on the mooring the Anti-Jibe 250 can lifted your boom out of the way of the cockpit for boats with lower hanging booms with the top lifter.

The Anti-Jibe system is focused on a very real control and safety issue that most sailors face on a fairly regular basis.   If you are serious about adding an effective jibe prevention system to your boat, you really should check out the Anti-Jibe 250 System from Sail Safe Inc.