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Put SplashZone in your repair kit and consider it insurance…

Pettit LogoPettit Splash Zone is a versatile emergency repair compound that has been referred to as the ‘duct tape of the marine world’.  Splash Zone can be used either above or below the waterline and results in a rock hard protective surface that is impact and abrasion resistant.

Pettit Splash zoneThis is a product that every cruiser or off-shore boater should have on board as an emergency repair/safety device.  If your boat was ever to get holed and you needed a strong, sure, waterproof patch to make it back to safety, you could use A788 to smear on a patch, such as plywood, and affix it over the hole.  This works even below the waterline and serves as an important emergency backup.  Put this in your repair kit and consider it insurance.

Splash Zone is used by tugs and barges for patching holes on the go.  Splash Zone seals, fills large cavities and patches.  It is used to repair buoys, docks etc. 

Splash Zone Compound A-788 is a two-part epoxy that is mixed in a 1:1 ratio (part A&B) and it works and applies like putty.   Component A is yellow. Component B is black. The A and B mixture is olive green.

Splash Zone is best used in temperatures of roughly 70°F.  If it’s hotter, you can still use it effectively, it will just be a bit soupy.  However, as a tip, use latex gloves and wet them.  You can mix a ball right in your hands.

Cure Time in Air or Water at 70°F: Begins to firm up within 2 hours; reaches full hardness in 6 to 8 hours. Curing is slower at lower temperatures. Will not cure and adhere properly at temperatures below 50°F. Do not apply unless temperature will remain above 50°F for at least 6 hours after application.

Splash Zone epoxy can repair aluminum, galvanized steel, fiberglass, steel, concrete and wood.  This can be used to repair exhaust manifolds (it can handle heat) – even Nascar teams use this!

Finally, it can be drilled, tapped and applied easily.  After seeing what Splash Zone can do, it’s a must to add to your emergency repair kit.  Finally, it can be drilled, tapped and applied easily. 

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