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Performance marine epoxy for a wide range of repairs…

Pettit LogoPettit’s Flexpoxy 7076 is a true waterproof and high performance marine epoxy.  Flexpoxy contains no fillers, unlike the WestSystem 610 (and other epoxies) which have fillers to thicken the epoxy but can enable moisture over time.  As such, the 7076 is appropriate for large and small repairs both above and below the waterline.

Pettit FlexPoxyFlexpoxy is perfect for a wide range of repairs including blister repair and filling large cavities because it doesn’t sag or shrink.  However, because Flexpoxy stays flexible after application (as the name suggests) it’s #1 application is keel joint repair.  You will find that Flexpoxy is too thick for applications like wetting fiberglass.

Flexpoxy creates a strong bond to all other epoxies, polyester resins, fiberglass, various metals (steel, aluminum, lead) and wood. It can be machined, sanded, drilled and tapped. 7076 has a low odor formula is resistant to chemicals and is safe to use in closed spaces. Flexpoxy can be molded and shaped during application and is easily tinted with paints and stains.

Finally, Flexpoxy comes pre-measured in a 6.45oz cartridge that is simple to use.  Just put the cartridge in your gun and squeeze.  It has a screw on cap that lets you seal and reuse the cartridge with no waste.

Instructions for using Flexpoxy 7076 on different surfaces:

Damaged or Rotten Wood

1. Remove all paint. Use a cutter to remove all loose and/or rotten wood. Be certain that all rotten wood is removed as any en-trapped rotten wood will continue to rot after repair. Sand lightly and always remove sanding dust. 2. The moisture content of the wood should be less than 18% before application. 3. Prepare Flexpoxy and model in to your project the shape and contour desired. 4. After a 16 hour cure @ 77°F (25°C) you can grind, plane, router or sand to achieve shape desired.

Hull and Topside Repair – Fiberglass

1. Remove all loose resin and glass mat. Remove all dirt, grease and wax with 95 Fiberglass Dewaxer. Sand lightly and always remove sanding dust.  2. When repairing profiled or corrugated fiberglass, wood or steel surfaces with Flexpoxy it is a good idea to create a counter profile or mold of the pattern onto a plastic spreader so you can cut down on having to make complicated freehand moldings or designs after curing.

Blister Repair

1. Open the blister, crack or small hole with a sharp scraper. 2. Contour the substrate. It should be dry (no more than 3% H20 when checked with a moisture meter). A wet substrate cannot provide permanent bonding. 3. Sand the dry substrate with 60-80 grit sandpaper. 4. Remove the loose particles and dust. 5. Clean the substrate with 97 Epoxy Thinner. 6. Apply 4500/4501 Clear Epoxy Sealer directly to the blister cavity and/or laminate to "wet out" exposed fiberglass fibers or matting. Let dry 3-5 hours at 77°F. 7. Then apply a very thin layer of Flexpoxy and press it into the Clear Epoxy Sealer coated substrate to assure good contact.  8. Apply more Flexpoxy to fill the blister, crack or small hole and smooth the repair.

9. Let it dry at least 24 hours at 77°F (25°C) and then sand it thoroughly with 60-80 grit sandpaper. 10. Overcoat repairs with three coats of Pettit Protect 4700/4701 High Build Epoxy Primer.

Leaking and/or Loose Cleats and Deck Hardware

1. Loosen and remove mountings and carefully remove all remnants of old filler and dirt.

2. Tape off the position of the mounting with masking tape. Roughen the surface area of the mounting with 80-grit sandpaper. 3. Completely remove oil, dirt, grease and wax with 95 Fiberglass Dewaxer. 4. Spread the Flexpoxy epoxy on the underside of the mounting hardware as well as into the mounting holes of the hardware. Place the mounting back into position. Again fill mounting holes with the Flexpoxy and reinstall bolts and nuts. 5. Remove masking tape and excess resin immediately.

Tips for using Pettit Flexpoxy 7076

  • Store the components at room temperature or below but do not freeze.             
  • Do not use in the rain or at temperatures below 40°F.
  • At temperatures of 40°-55°F, the curing time will be longer than 16 hours.
  • Flexible plastic palettes and plastic putty knives are easy to clean. Once the Flexpoxy hardens, just bend the plastic palette or putty knife backward and forward until the hardened resin becomes loose.
  • Use Plexiglass strips or sheets for complicated corner, edge and large hole repairs to ensure a 100% smooth filling.
  • The mixture can be colored by adding paint or pigment pastes. Do not use more paint or pigment than required to obtain the right color.
  • Not all plastics can be bonded together with this product. Always do a test first. Put some thinner on a piece of cloth or tissue and rub over a small area of the plastic. If the plastic becomes sticky, the product will bond to the plastic. Sand first.
  • Always check moisture content of wood. Must have moisture content of 18% or less.
  • For the best results when using Flexpoxy as fairing, cover the faired area with thin polypropylene or polyethylene film and roll the product smooth with a roller cage and roller cover over the film. After curing (approximately 16 hours) peel the plastic sheet off.
  • This will produce a smooth finish that will require less sanding time prior to overcoating.
  • Do not apply polyester gel-coat over Flexpoxy.

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