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EasyBailer Solar Dinghy Bailer Review

“EasyBailer, a simple, useful and ingenious little device…”

Marine Product Reviews recently had the opportunity to check out the EasyBailer, solar powered dinghy bailing system from EasyBailer.com.  The EasyBailer is a brilliant device that is perfect for any dinghy or small skiff!

EasyBailerLike many boaters, I’m a weekend warrior.  And like many of us, I race down to the dinghy dock on Saturday mornings only to find my dinghy filled with several inches of rain water from the previous week (it’s even worse if I miss a weekend!). So, I need to put my gear down (our dinghy dock is tiny, so this can be a bit of an issue), I take off my shoes, hope that someone hasn’t “borrowed” my bailer, then proceed to manually get the water out of the dinghy and get on my way. It’s a hassle.

The EasyBailer consists of 3 parts: 1) a compact solar panel 2) a self-contained bailer box that includes a 500gph pump and small battery and 3) 3/4 inch discharge hose for getting water overboard.  The EasyBailer is a snap to assemble.  The solar panel simply plugs into the battery and you slide the hose over the bailer outlet and tighten the hose clamp.  That’s it, the sun does the rest, you are ready for a dry dinghy.

You place the bailer box in the lowest part of your dinghy.  Most likely the stern.  Hook the discharge hose over the gunwale or transom and place the solar panel on a thwart.  The solar panel has an 8′ cable so it can reach just about any area of a normal size dinghy or small skiff.  The bailer box has 2′ cutouts to enable water to reach the pump and has a quick release top that allows you easy access to the battery and pump.

EasyBailer_boat_bailerWhen we tested the EasyBailer solar dinghy bailing system, we gave the unit just a few hours to charge, then put it to the test.  Being from New England and given that we tested the EasyBailer in January, there wasn’t a dinghy or unfrozen rain water readily available so we tested the EasyBailer in a double basin work sink.  We placed the EasyBailer in one side and hung the discharge hose over the wall of the sink into the other basin.  We then turned on the sink and brought on the rain!

The EasyBailer worked like a champ.  Once about 1″ of water was in the sink, the EasyBailer kicked in and pumped it dry in just a matter of seconds.  The pump also has a feature that enables you to manually start the pump by holding two fingers for a few seconds on the circular indentations on the side of the switch.

The folks at EasyBailer point out a few things that will keep the bailer running properly:  make sure that the solar panel doesn’t get emersed on water (rain is fine, but submerged for extended periods isn’t), so make sure that it’s secured when you leave your dinghy.  Also, as we all know, debris can clog pumps.  The EasyBailer is no exception, although we found that the baler box will actually help to let water in and keep debris out, it’s a good idea to keep you dinghy as clean as possible.  Finally, it’s important that the end of the discharge hose doesn’t sit underwater as water could siphon back in.  We consider all of these points common sense and good practice.

The bottom line is we were really impressed with the EasyBailer and think it’s a great addition to any dinghy or skiff.  It’s name describes it perfectly!  Setting it up was a snap (2-3 mins max).  The sun and rain do the rest.  And, it really works very effectively!  It’s a simple, useful and ingenious little device.  The final thing that impressed us about EasyBailer was the people.  John is the EasyBailer inventor who is very accessible and responsive.  The EasyBailer costs only $199 which is well worth it in our opinion compared to the hassles of coming a flooded dinghy every Saturday morning!

EasyBailer Solar Dinghy Bailer Features:

  • Automatic small boat, tender, dinghy bailer
  • Self-contained
  • Solar-recharged
  • Pump capacity: 500 gph
  • Made in Maine
  • Pump box measures 11″ L x 5.5″ H x 6.5″ W
  • Outlet Hose Kit details:
    • 3/4″ reinforced vinyl discharge hose (made-up for small boats)
      3 foot length of hose (pump to gunwale)
      2 elbows with 3″ connector
      9″ length of overboard hose
      One stainless hose clamp
      – OR –
      Make your own discharge hose:

      • 6 feet of 3/4″ hose
        One stainless hose clamp
        No fittings